Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What was it Obama said right before Julian Assange publicized a more free and open journalism?

Oh yea. Be careful what you ask for...

(Mr. Obama said America's future depends on the "honest, objective, meticulous reporting" that "is so vital to our democracy and our society." ) (

So, you have asked for more of the more "mundane" stuff in my life. Like Barney Stinson, I strive to make nothing in my life mundane, but I shall attempt to comply.

Today, I had McDonalds for lunch. Just kidding.

Feeling like we are settling in here nicely, being accepted by the natives. A bit of harsh joking going back and forth, but that's generally a good sign.

Today we helped move some wood around (gathering scraps for a bonfire - big rock-music festival here this weekend). And then helped prepare the "thunderfrog" a kind of sandwich trailer for the festival - painting, building steps for a patio, that sort of thing.

Reading: Guns, Germs, and Steel. Very interesting book. Did you know that wild Almonds are poisonous (cyanide)? And that on the rare occasion a tree mutates and looses the cyanide gene it will almost certainly not reproduce, unless people intentionally plant it, because birds figure out it's not poisonous. Fascinating. Okay, fascinating to me.

More pictures will come. I need to find the time to get things off the camera... we haven't taken a lot of pictures (there is a point at which recording an experience interferes with experiencing the experience.) but we have taken a few, so I'll try to post those.


  1. Yes, pictures of England! Do it!

    Also, I admit I had a Royale with cheese when I was in France, in honor of Pulp Fiction, so sometimes there's a reason. :P

    Also, I only get news from independent news sources these days because I don't trust major news sources to provide all the news. But it was bound to happen with how obnoxious normal news networks are.

  2. Pictures of England will come, and pictures of Scotland. Many, many pictures from trains.

    I did not have a Royale with Cheese, nor Le Big Mac. I kind of wanted to, but never noticed a McDonalds or Carls Jr - but yes, that would be a reason. Did you eat mayonnaise-drowned french fries, though?

    Hmmm... what sources do you use? I've found that the independent ones aren't always that trustworthy either, at least from my feel...