Monday, May 30, 2011

Pictures of stuff!

 Welcome to Venice

One of my favorite little islands around Venice.

 Our hotel room - we stayed one night. There's something about Venice that makes this sort of kitschy display okay - not as good as a canal view, but okay....

 Our lunch. That cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano. Wonderful stuff. Better than anything at a restaurant, and less expensive.

I never did figure out what the second toilet is for... could be urinal, but why have hot and cold taps on a urinal? Bewildering toilets the globe over!

 One of the cool things about Venice is that people do seem to be comfortable wearing unique clothing, in a way I've never seen anywhere else. Especially since the unique clothing here tends to be awesome, instead of weird.

Us! See! I didn't just steal these off flickr.... anyway, that's my favorite dome/church in Venice. They actually have a sign inside saying that no church should ever charge admission.

The view from the point of the Grand Canal.

Venice at night. It has long been an intention of mine to stay in Venice at night. Everything calms down after the 20,000 day-trippers leave.

Me, in front of my favorite Dome.

The small island, at night.

Next morning, we discovered this church (adjoining white building is a hospital.) I didn't know about it. Cool red brick gothic structure.

Hope you enjoyed.

Today's triva - Tomatoes come from South America (the word "tomato is incan...) and were brought to Europe only as recently as the 1500's.

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