Friday, May 20, 2011

Pictures! No, actually, my pictures!

In lieu of pictures from Britain (haven't taken the time to pull those off the camera yet) I'll try to get us a little caught up. Here are some pics of where we stayed in Italy (I haven't shown you these yet, have I?)

The view out our bedroom window. That tree seriously reminds me of the tree of Gondor.

The house we lived in. If anyone wants it, I think I have a close up of the Latin over the door frame. Anyone up for a bit of translation? Oh, by the way - that Jeep was a pain to drive. No power steering... Italian roads are the craziest I've seen yet. I'll post pictures of them sometime.

The house that we lived in from the closest town. We are the small yellowish speck in the upper left. 

This one. (taken at 10x zoom)

The nearby forest. What we were working to get in another pine stand.

Sunset from our window


Oh, and we had to chop our own wood... but no axe, so, railroad spikes and a sledgehammer... without a full handle. Yay!

That's our office, that pine stand behind the olive trees. Oh, btw, olive trees are beautiful. We hiked up that hill behind the pine stand one day. I'll post pictures of that hike sometime.

Has that satisfied some appetites? Or merely whetted them more?


  1. Is that thing with the green handle in the wood-chopping picture a froe? If so you should have just used that, easiest way to chop wood ever. I can't really tell from the picture though the end is like under the other thing. Anyway...

    Nice pics. Keep them coming. Also, we like the day to day stuff just fine, but I'd personally also like to see the occasional really thought-over piece, if there's anything that's taken the fancy of your consideration recently that is. Just saying. Pictures are good, but opinions are better, and a good argument for your opinion is the best. At least where I'm concerned. :)

  2. David -
    Jealousy is you telling yourself to stop being jealous, and be awesome instead.

    I'm afraid it is not, just a hammer.

    Thanks for the compliments on my opinions - I'll try to keep them coming, but they really do just well up at certain moments, after long and involved processing. Not that I feel like anything I've posted so far has been really thought over.