Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A quick question, and an observation

Yesterday, we took ferries and trains from the Orkney islands (59 degrees longitude) to London (51 degrees). We left at 1:05 PM and arrived at 7:35 the next morning. Quite a trip. Still love the Caledonian sleeper though.

Also, I had haggis. I actually really liked it.

We managed to get our bus and train figured out to Braziers park, we are there now. Oxfordshire is beautiful. Many, many trees and wildflowers. Braziers is fascinating, if a bit Berkley (if you know what I mean.)

Now the question: Do you want more of these "here's what we did today" updates? They won't all be as fascinating as these ones. (Because I know you just love to hear about Haggis...) but they'd make things more consistent and day-to-day.

And the observation: I always feel like bus drivers are as clueless as I am about where to stop. "I'd like to get off at Brazier's Park, could you let me know when we get close?" is met with an affirmative vocal response, but a look that says "Shoot. Um... Braziers park. Dang. I've just been driving this bus for three days. I'll have to just send him off somewhere, and hope he finds it. Maybe he'll just catch the next bus."

That said, we had no trouble finding the place.


  1. Thumbs up to the "here's what we did today" updates. Not sure you really intended for this to be a "travel blog" but I actually really like reading about your adventures.

    Personally, I'd also appreciate a few more pictures, that is, if you guys are taking any. No pressure though. I know I wouldn't really want my traveling experience to devolve into a monotonous task of digitizing my every experience just for the satisfaction of my blog readers if I were you.

  2. I don't check every day so I won't miss out if you don't post every day, but seeing updates is nice. I miss England. ~Abigail