Friday, February 11, 2011

Submitted an abstract to a very picky journal. The next step up from blogging.

Sent the following to this: academic journal. I'll let you know what they say, if they say anything.

"Gombrichian text-subject relationship(s), as it relates to the nihilism of mathematical malfunction revealed in the Journal of Universal Rejection"

Peter Wallis

Abstract submitted for consideration of Journal of Universal Rejection, Febuary, 2011

Derrida said of deconstructionists who deconstruct popular media (eg Seinfeld, et al) that they should "read something academic." Thus he put what one might call a lower limit on deconstruction - lower, being only defined as lower or read as lower by the system in which this deconstruction takes place. The Journal of Universal Rejection (JoUR) extends this line, and actively deconstructs the idea of a high text, which is "academic" - the idea of an academic text as a whole. In doing so, the JoUR reveals the fundamental flaw in all reasoning, by creating a system in which no mathematics can function (2+2=0). Gombrich, in his own work, reveals the nature of the text (for him, mostly painting) and its transformative nature through the division of high art and low art by umbra and penumbra of subject-text relationships, in form as in fact. The JoUR reconfirms the Gombrichian idea that art has as its end a transformation of the seeing act, and even of the underpinnings of this act, while at the same time deconstructing all boundaries of quality and quantity of high art and low art, of umbra and penumbra, of subject and text, and thereby, long sentences which try to evaid understanding through the imposition of interior clauses, not excepted, reveals a nhilism which has always surrounded the heart of the academic-capitalist construct.


  1. I absolutely fail to comprehend your motive in the creation of this statement.

  2. Probably the same reason the journal was created - for a laugh. I just hope it's typically lit-crit mumbo-jumbo enough for everyone else to laugh with me.(though not all lit crit is mumbo jumbo, there is plenty of it rolling around the field.)