Sunday, February 27, 2011

8 Unmistakable pleasures of Japan, No. 1.The Heated Toilet Seats

Concurrent with my list of complaints about Japan, I present 8 things I loved about Japan.

I will merely say, after leaving Japan, I have barely succeeded in muffling a yelp every time I lower myself onto a toilet seat. One would think this is just true of toilet seats in private homes, - but hotels, train stations, restaraunts, nearly every toilet seat in Japan is heated. A very few were not, much to my dismay, consternation, constipation, and surprise.


  1. sounds like something I could get used to...

    now, butt-washing toilets seats... not too sure about that...

    they do have those right?

  2. And now I know what I want whenever we decide to move and design our own living space. Heated toilets sound amazing...somehow an ironic thing, in Southern California, but that's beside the point... >_>