Saturday, December 25, 2010

A White Christmas (Morning)

Now this is more like it. I've been away from white Christmases (Christmasi? Christmapodes?) for far far too long.

The view out our current front door: (click for full-size pics)

 Playing with the zoom on the camera Grace let me get for Christmas. Our old one was burning through two AA batteries every time we turned it on. Literally.

I really only notice them in the pictures, but power lines really are ubiquitous in Japan.

Chestnut fields we helped to harvest.

 The variety of trees at the farm.

Snow on Bamboo.

 The garden of our next-door neighbors.


  1. hey, first of all sweet pictures... that's got to be awesome being there...

    second... you might want to go to edit posts and change the width of these in your html so they fit lol... just where you see it will say something like:

    width="500px" height="300px"

    inside your <img /> tag, just figure out the correct width through trial & error then solve the ratio, i.e. if the original image is 1000/800px and the correct width is 550px then you solve for a height of 440px...

    of course ppl can then still click the images to get the full sized versions in a new tab...

  2. Right, sorry about that. Didn't know blogger had full-size pics on click. Should have checked. It's updated.


  3. sweet action... I think the one with the fog coming down from the sides of the mountain/hill is my favorite... #4 I guess... all nice pictures though