Monday, December 13, 2010

Feedback time!

My word (great BBC show, by the way) but it's been a long time since I've posted.

The disadvantage of being busy is that one rarely has the time to write about it as often as one would like...

So I'm wondering - I always hated the "I had _____ for lunch today" blogs, but would people enjoy some more scattered, diary-like entries? I can manage those in random times better than I can the longer posts.

Unfortunately, they would mostly contain exclamations of everyday sorts, like:

I can see the texture of the paper in the paper windows. The light is perfect.

Japanese houses are not built for fireplaces. I now understand why western fireplaces are backed with brick.

Stuff like that.

I really do mean to add more pictures, and will keep up with the more philosophical posts, but right now, time is short (though the next couple weeks (farming has a christmas slowdown... as opposed to rush) may allow more time to post.

Let me know if you want more of the incidentals. I will try to make them interesting, but they may sometimes just turn out:

Watching Japanese paint dry is... just like watching Stateside paint dry! Who knew!?


  1. since when do you cater to the masses... it's your blog... make it what you want

  2. Finate Empathy has you pegged. Besides, short descriptive entries will tease you throughout the day with "just how can I write this experience concisely?". Sounds like a great exercise.