Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crazy stuff.

You know how sometimes you look up at the moon, it's haloed by an eerie light? You know how that happens? Sometimes, water vapor, evaporated, is carried into the high, thin atmosphere, and up there, cooled by the low pressure, this water vapor forms tiny crystals, little diamonds, minuscule gems. Floating in the air. Thousands of feet above our heads. Those gems refract the light of the moon in a hard inner edge, spreading out around, and shine a spotlight on each of us as we walk through this brief penumbra of glory.

Sometimes life is just too awesome for words, and all the things we make are pitiable glories in comparison to the wonders the universe provides.

This message brought to you in part by the fact that little crystals formed in the atmosphere above my head the other day. Then they started to fall. Then gusts of air hauled them back up through the clouds, and they gathered more crystals, and they fell again, and rose again, and gathered more water gems, until they grew heavy and floated down from the sky, a silent blanket of tiny, interlocked crystals. you can keep your diamonds, Africa. Revel in your crown jewels, England, but they are cannot measure the beauty of snow.

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