Saturday, April 16, 2011

Now that I have that done, I can accomplish all my other goals!

Wrote this while waiting for the train to pull out of Paris Nord:

You know those times when you are really really excited, and your brain keeps trying to convince you something could go wrong? You know - stuff like: "What if we miss the train? What if someone in Paris riots before we can leave? What if... what if customs doesn't let us into the country!? Worse yet, what if customs lets Grace in but not me (No fair!). So, we're sitting on the train. No riots yet (There was a fight and an arrest (at least one) at the subway station for the train. And apparently, you get your customs interrogation before boarding the train here... so the passports have been stamped. All the gates are down. I'm going to England! Check that one off my before I die list!

And now I am in England. Only problem: I swear I'm going to walk into some shop and nervously ask "Parlez-vous angleis?"

Really, there is more content coming. Soon. I promise.

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