Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wow. Just wow.

So, not to make anyone any more jealous or anything, but I want to share my joy - I hope it is joy I share and not envy or pride.

Tonight was amazing. We were fed a ten course Japanese dinner, the sort that would be a high-end tasting menu, with oysters, fresh tuna sushi salad, an incredible seared tuna, an amazing Japanese beef, potato, and radish soup, and so many other things. Then we were given a night out at the company bar. I asked for a Scotch. They brought me a fantastic 12 year old.

All of this was at a company event, and already paid for.

This trip was already amazing - and there are other things I like even better about it. But this is just insane.

Oh, and this event happens every month.

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