Saturday, October 23, 2010

Any Questions?

So, here we are in Japan. There is far too much to see and think about right now, so stay tuned. I do intend to post my observations of Japanese and farming society and geography here soon. I am trying to create something that captures the beauty of the landscape, the soft glow through rice paper walls, and the strange rainbow flowers of clothes drying behind almost every house and apartment. That'll take time.

Until then, I thought I'd open things up to questions. Please, if you have any questions, post them here or on facebook.

Brief notes:
Snow Monkeys. On the roof. Crazy.
I've eaten plenty of strange stuff already. Kimchi (kind of good, actually) Natto (salty, pasty, sticky... but quite edible), Stewed Octopus and Geletain on a skewer (from a street vendor no less), Spaghetti with pureed spinach as a sauce, and a number of other odd and interesting things.

My favorite dish so far has probably been the sauteed pumpkin in some indescribable soy-based sauce. Now I'm hungry.


  1. questions yet, but I know I'll enjoy following you on your journey through your musings. You have such a gift of visual prose to help the reader know what you're experiencing. God bless you and Grace in your new home....Love, Aunt Christine

  2. Thanks Christine. I'm hoping that I can help transport my readers here in some small way.

    Speaking of which, that's what the new post is all about.

  3. Enjoying your blog though it makes me miss you more :) I am very happy that God has given you this opportunity to see more of the world. I would love to hear what sort of "work" you are doing on the farm--that might be rather mundane but it is a significant part of your day.

    I am hearing about your food--but what about your wardrobe? It is hard to imagine you in native dress :)